Cycling Badgers at Monmouth Library


BadgersTo celebrate Monmouthshire hosting the National Road Race Championships, Monmouth Library hosted a “Design a Badge with a Bike Theme” session during half term.
Carolyn Derosaire, Road Safety Officer and her colleague Jayne Haycock helped children design and make badges and key rings while giving road safety advice. The drop in sessions proved popular with both children and parents.


Circus Skills Kitbag presentation at Monmouth Library

On Saturday 15th October, 7 of the lucky 10 Circus Skills Kitbag Winners were presented with their Kitbag by Julia Greenway, Community Librarian and Eira Lewis, Senior Library Assistant.

This year Monmouth saw a 7% increase in the number of children finishing their Summer Reading Challenge.

Big Top Fun at Monmouth Library

Monmouth Library launched the 2011 Summer Reading Challenge on Saturday 16th July with a Circus Skills Workshop.  A total of 44 children signed up for the Challenge on the day with more joining each day.

21 children and 15 adults joined in the fun.  The children learned the art of balancing a peacock feather on their hand, juggling and spinning plates.

All the children left the library feeling happy and excited after the session as they had all managed to achieve the basics of juggling and spinning plates.

Half Term Activities at Monmouth Library

Story and craft sessions at Monmouth Library are continuing to prove very popular with both parents and children during half terms.  The session on Tuesday 31st May was attended by 11 children and their parents.

The children enjoyed an Elmer story and then made an Elmer Elephant as their craft activity.  To round off the session everyone sang “Nellie the Elephant”.

Many of the children attending are now regulars to the Craft and Story Sessions held in the Library and are eagerly awaiting the Summer Reading Challenge and the next round of Story and Craft Sessions which will be held in August.

Monmouth Library – Twinning Visit

Carbonne Town Hall

On Sunday 8th May, Eira Lewis and Julia Greenway met with a group of 20 French visitors from Carbonne, in France which is twinned with Monmouth.

The group were very interested in the history of The Rolls Hall and spent half an hour looking around the building, and taking photographs.

This was part of the historic walk of Monmouth, which had been organised by the Twinning Committee.

Half Term Activities at Monmouth Library

Story and craft sessions at Monmouth Library are proving to be very popular with both parents and children. The half term session on Tuesday 22nd February was attended by 12 children and their parents. Children enjoyed a selection of stories which was followed by a craft session. They made a note book by designing the front and back cover and then putting the book together. Many of the children attended a similar session held in October and are now looking forward to the next one.