Yam Jams at Chepstow Community Hub: Live Hip Hop + Reggae interactive and inclusive live performance

Chepstow Community Hub is hosting a very special event on Thursday 21st September and we’d like to invite all people with disabilities.  The event sounds fabulous fun and we are delighted to be the hosts.

 Yam Jams are a live hip hop/reggae ensemble who provide therapeutic sensory experience. The session involves participative rapping, everybody getting involved with a percussion performance and accessible dances taught by Lofty.

 The link bellow gives a more detailed explanation of Yam Jams


 The event is about promoting the Monmouthshire People First a self-advocacy group for people with disabilities and their scheme Safe Places. The Safe Places scheme has been set up in association with local shops, organisations and businesses throughout Monmouthshire who have offered to be a safe place for people with disabilities if something has gone wrong whilst accessing the community. The shops are recognisable by the Safe Places logo in the shop window, all individuals who sign up to the scheme will be given a key fob where they can put their name and the name of someone to be contacted if they need help in the community.

 More information about the safe places scheme can be found below


More information about people first


 Tickets are £5.00 and will be available from Chepstow and Caldicot Hubs (libraries) in September, carers and support workers are free. If you would like to know more about the event, book tickets or would like to discuss your access requirements please contact Fred on 07890 559 566 or fredweston@monmouthshire.gov.uk





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