Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven

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holding-up-the-universeRoeddwn i’n dwli ar y stori ddiddorol, lon yma am ddau berson ifanc yn tyfu lan ac yn dod i delerau gyda rhannau o’u hunain sy’n eu gwneud yn teimlo’n unigryw ond hefyd yn fregus.

Mae angen holl ddewrder Libby i ddychwelyd i Ysgol Uwchradd ar ôl absenoldeb hir. Ar ôl marwolaeth ei mam, collodd Libby rheolaeth o’i harferion bwyta a daeth mor fawr nes i fywyd arferol droi’n hollol amhosib. Mae hi dal yn pwyso gormod a nawr mae’n rhaid iddi wynebi rhai o’i beirniadai mwyaf llym.

Mae Jack ar ochr arall y raddfa poblogrwydd, ac mae’n cael ei weld fel “too cool for school”. Ond mae angen i Jack gadw ei fywyd o dan reolaeth lem rhag ofn i unrhyw un ddarganfod ei gyfrinach fawr: mae’n dioddef o brosopagnosia (dallineb wynebol). Wrth deimlo cymaint o gywilydd ei bod methu adnabod ei deulu agos heb gymorth, mae Jack yn brwydro i reoli ei ofn o gael ei “ddarganfod”.

Nid yw’r tro cyntaf y mae’r ddau’n cwrdd yn mynd yn dda, ond wrth iddynt gael eu gorfodi i dreulio mwy o amser da’i gilydd, gallent ymestyn allan a helpu’i gilydd?

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Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven

I loved this engrossing, feel-good love story about two young people growing up and coming to terms with parts of themselves that make them feel both unique and vulnerable.

Libby needs all her courage to return to High School after a long absence. After her mother’s death, Libby’s eating habits got out of control and she became so large that normal life became absolutely impossible.  She is still over weight and now has to face some of her harshest critics, her peers.

Jack is at the other end of the popularity stakes, regarded as “too cool for school”. But Jack needs to keep his life under strict control so that no one discovers his closely guarded secret: he suffers from prosopagnosia (face blindness).  So ashamed that he can’t recognise his close family without clues, Jack is struggling to keep his fear of being “found out” under control.

The couple’s first meeting does not go well, but as they are forced to spend more time together, will they be able reach out and help each other?

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