Off the Page by Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer


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Stori hyfryd, mwyn a hawdd i’w ddarllen yw hwn gan awdur gwerthwr-gorau a’i merch. Er ei fod wedi’i ysgrifennu fel dilyniant i “Between the Lines”, gallir darllen y stori fel nofel unigol yn hawdd iawn.

Mae Delilah, disgybl ysgol uwchradd swil, wedi “dymuno” bod Oliver, bachgen golygus, yn llamu o’r tudalennau o’i hoff stori tylwyth teg ac i mewn i’w bywyd. I gyflawni’r gamp gymhleth hwn, roedd rhaid i’r stori gael ei ail-ysgrifennu ac i fachgen, Edgar, gael ei ddodi i mewn i’r llyfr yn lle Oliver.

Mae Oliver a Delilah wrth eu boddau gyda’r canlyniad ac er bod Oliver weithiai’n gweld hi’n galed i ffitio i mewn i’r byd go iawn ac yn colli’r cymeriadau eraill yn y llyfr, mae’n ymddangos fel eu bod yn mynd i gael eu diweddglo tylwyth teg.

Ond beth am Edgar? Mae wedi gadael ei fam, awdur y stori tylwyth teg, a’r bywyd yr oedd yn ei nabod. A fydd yn hapus i fyw mewn byd lle mae popeth wedi’i benderfynu eisoes?

Bydd y rhamant a’r antur yn y llyfr hwn yn apelio at blant yn eu harddegau ifanc (ac i lyfrgellwyr sinigaidd hefyd!).

Off the Page by Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer

This is a lovely, gentle and easy to read story by a bestselling author and her daughter. Although written as the sequel to Between the Lines, the story can read as a stand-alone novel very easily.

Delilah, a shy high school student, has “wished” the handsome Oliver out of the pages of her favourite fairy tale and into her life. To achieve this complicated feat, the story had to be re-written and a boy, Edgar, placed into the book to replace Oliver.

Both Oliver and Delilah are delighted with the outcome and even though Oliver sometimes struggles to fit into the real world and misses the other characters from the book, it looks as though they are going to get their fairy tale ending.

But what about Edgar? He’s left his Mum, the author of the fairy tale, and the life he knew.  Will he be content to live in a world where everything has already been decided?

The romance and adventure in this book will appeal to young teenagers (and cynical old librarians too!).

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