Coding Club Launch at Chepstow Library

The Ideas Garage

Boy on Macbook

Yesterday we launched the first coding session for the Ideas Garage at Chepstow Library.  This was a free session teaching children between the age of 11 and 17 the basics of HTML.

We almost had a full house with 9 students.  One of the participants was only 10 years old and had a fantastic aptitude for learning coding.  I was so pleased to see one of the students was a girl who was very inquisitive and enthusiastic about creating her own webpage.

Coding Club Session

The session wouldn’t of ran without the help of local volunteers and their expert knowledge.  Robert Hickman ran the session, with Ben and Callum helping out with individuals.

  • All the students created their own webpage
  • All the students thought coding clubs are a good thing for Libraries
  • 8 out 9 said they would definitely recommend the coding club

A parent of one of the boys attending said, “I…

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