Today Abergavenny Library had a class visit from Llanfoist Junior School year 4 with author G R Gemin  promoting his latest book Cowgirl, which is set in Wales.

lanfoist Junior School year 4 with author G R Gemin

“ If Gemma ever stops to think about it, she knows hiding a load of cows from Cowgirl’s farm on a housing estate is a bit mad, After all, Cowgirl’s a weirdo and the estate is no place to bring up a cow. But it’s exciting, and she loves it, and it’s making things better. The only question is, how long can it last?”

A funny, moving story by GR Gemin about finding happiness when the cows come home.

The children enjoyed the session and all took home with them their new library card and all borrowed  a book or two to read.

lanfoist Junior School year 4 pupils

Welsh libraries and primary schools are joining forces to provide every primary school child with a library card – the project started in March this year with six local authorities piloting the initiative and, thanks to Welsh Government funding from the Department of Culture, Sport & Tourism, this has now been rolled out to ten more local authorities (16 in total) targeting another 25,000 children.

This card will allow children to borrow two books straight away. Once proof of address is provided, they can then have access to thousands of free books as well as many more resources to help improve their school work and enhance their leisure time, including:

  • FREE computer use and internet access
  • FREE fiction, non-fiction, comics, graphic novels and talking books
  • FREE homework help – online and in the library
  • FREE e-books and e-magazines
  • Clubs, games, events, activities and classes in the library
  • Friendly, helpful library staff
  • Somewhere safe to meet friends

lanfoist Junior School year 4 with author G R Gemin

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