‘Add to Your Life’

addtoyourlife.co.uk is a free NHS Wales health check to help people who are 50 or over live longer, feel better, and stay healthy and active.

It’s arrived!

‘Add to Your Life’ was officially launched this week, and is now providing health and wellbeing information, advice and support for people who are 50 and over across Wales. This group is an estimated 38 per cent of the Welsh population.

Service user Lyn Price from Cymmer undertook the online assessment with support from Communities First during the trial phase of the service. She said: “I found it really good and very helpful. It really prompted me to make changes to my life, and I’m feeling the benefits of it now. I’ve gone from being virtually sat in a chair to being able to walk around without my stick, and my confidence has grown because of that.”

The ‘Add to Your Life’ launch event was held at Cwmbran Library on 28 April. The service is a confidential and easy-to-use self-assessment which can be undertaken online, by telephone, or with support from Communities First or Age Cymru. It provides a valuable opportunity for people to get an overall picture of their health and wellbeing.

Partnership working

‘Add to Your Life’ has been developed in partnership with a wide range of health experts and charities.

Su Mably, Consultant in Public Health from Public Health Wales, said: “We are delighted to introduce this new service, which brings together information from health experts and organisations across a wide range of health and wellbeing topics into one place.”
Victoria Lloyd, Director of Influencing and Programme Development at Age Cymru, said: “Age Cymru has been thrilled to support the development of the Add to Your Life service as healthy ageing programmes are a vital part of our work with older people. 
“The Add to Your Life service now provides a trusted, helpful portal to signpost people to good quality health advice, support services and activities.”

Visit www.addtoyourlife.co.uk to try it out for yourself!

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