Jamie donates latest book to all UK libraries

Save with JamieMonmouthshire Libraries are pleased to be part of the free give-away by Jamie Oliver of his latest book ‘Save With Jamie’. He has written the book because of demand from the public for a cookbook about exciting food that ‘doesn’t break the bank’ helping people to ‘shop smart, cook clever, eat well and waste less’.

He was also very aware it needed to be accessible to everyone, not just the people who could afford to buy it.

Jamie’s letter to librarians states ‘I am very aware that there are some people – perhaps those who need this book most – that may not be able to buy a copy, so I’m delighted that my publisher, Penguin Random House, working with The Reading Agency, are able to give a copy to every library in the country, that’s over 4,000 libraries across the UK. We know from the fabulous work that you do in libraries every day that everyone deserves a chance to learn basic skills that can improve their everyday lives. Reading and cooking are two of those skills for sure.’

Readers of the book can post photos of food they’ve cooked from the book on the dedicated hub, www.jamieoliver.com/savewithjamie, or tweet them using the hashtag #savewithjamie.

Jamie’s book is available in all Monmouthshire Libraries.

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