‘Something for everyone in local Libraries’ Day 4th April 2013

Erica Sheppard, Macmillan Support & Information Coordinator
County Councillor Elizabeth Hacket Pain
Mayor Gerry Bright and Consort Olive Bright
County Councillor Giles Howard
Ann Jones, Libraries, Museums & Arts Manager
Ginny Brink, Macmillan Development Manager, South East Wales

Monmouth Library in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support hosted a showcase event showing that there is something for everyone in local libraries. Libraries in Monmouthshire are not just about books, there are many really fun and innovative things happening in libraries for everyone to enjoy.

The event included a screening of digital stories which included work with both adults and young people. A knitting master class was held and a great ‘knit-a-thon’ knitting challenge was held with 25 people taking part including people who had never knitted before.


Get crafty with Kathy provided craft sessions for children to make a bookmark or a character from their favourite book.




A ‘taste of’ Tai Chi in conjunction with the National Exercise Referral Scheme was held in the main library with visitors, staff and library users joining in.

DSCF0315 (3)

The event finished with two shared reading sessions, a session for young people and a session for adults.



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