Staff at Abergavenny Library celebrate one year of Macmillan in Monmouthshire service

Macmillan Cancer Support and Monmouthshire Libraries and Information Service have been working together to offer information to people affected by cancer in their local communities.

Available in the six libraries across the county, the service gives direct access to good quality information and support to people living with and after cancer, their family, friends and carers and health and social care professionals. There are also monthly ‘drop in’ information sessions in each library and a timetable is available on the Monmouthshire County Council website or from your local library.

The service was one year old in July and everyone was invited to come along to help us celebrate.

Erica Sheppard, the Macmillan in Monmouthshire Support and Information Coordinator said;

“It was great to celebrate one year of the Macmillan service at Abergavenny library, staff worked hard to make the day a success and everyone who came along enjoyed the event. We hope that many more people in Monmouthshire with find the Macmillan service in libraries helpful’

The one year event at Abergavenny Library was a celebration of the partnership between Macmillan Cancer support and Monmouthshire Libraries.

Vivienne Thomas, Community Librarian welcomed everyone to the event and spoke about the service. Susan Morris, General Manager for Macmillan in Wales, spoke about Macmillan and about the library partnership.

The speeches were followed by a shared reading by Angela Macmillan of The Reader Organisation and the launch of a new anthology for young people.

Libraries have been developing a programme of shared reading, where the group leader reads aloud to a group of people, in the library, at a residential home, mental health setting or care home. We have been working alongside The Reader Organisation, which has been leading a ‘reading revolution’ to encourage reading aloud and to assess the therapeutic benefits of this. Angela Macmillan has been working with groups in the north of England and has developed an anthology of prose and poetry to use with shared reading groups and launched the new anthology for children, at this event.

For more details about the Macmillan in Monmouthshire Cancer Support and Information Service just call into your local library or email

For more details about shared reading in Monmouthshire contact Vivienne Thomas at Abergavenny Library, 01873 735980.

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