Library Management Team wonders if they’ll be on TV tonight!

Monmouthshire’s full council meeting on 12th January was filmed by BBC colleagues ahead of the ‘Week In Week Out’ programme being shown on BBC Wales on Monday 30th January. As outlined in local TV guides, the programme is taking ” A look at a council facing cash cuts, job losses and a move away from its crumbling headquarters. The local authority faces an uphill struggle if it is to keep the public happy during a period of uncertainty.”

The Library Management Team had been invited to give a presentation at the full council meeting to highlight recent changes made within our libraries to improve service to the public .

This included news about the reopening of Chepstow Library to the public on Saturday 21st January. The ground floor has, courtesy of Welsh Government grant funding & match funding from within the council, had a very well received refurbishment giving people more space to browse, use computers and far, far more.  This formed part of the building’s major refurbishment and transformation into a corporate regional hub. The first floor will give a new home to officers from a variety of services moving out of County Hall & other offices as well as existing One Stop Shop staff already working there.

Although we hear that all attempts to get the film crew to film any of this directly in Chepstow failed, who knows, we might just stand a chance of it being picked up from our presentation to full council!

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