First Click News

Chepstow Library held its very last BBC First Click Session at the current library on Tuesday 30th August 2011 before it’s re-location to the Leisure Centre and it’s refurbishment.

Participant feedback from the customers who undertook the last batch of sessions was very positive and they all enjoyed the five week course and had learnt a lot and felt much more confident using a computer than when they first started.  Each participant had also made new friends as part of the course.

BBC First Click Sessions will continue to be run at the Leisure Centre in early October.

Margaret Mitchell’s Experience Before During and After BBC First Click

Six years before undertaking BBC First Click, Margaret’s husband purchased a home computer following completion of an IT related course.

Watching her husband using his computer so successfully, Margaret also became curious and interested and thought she would like to take this up as an additional hobby or interest. 

Her husband started to coach her at home. This didn’t work out very well and on many occasions resulted in arguments or even both parties falling out!  Margaret also felt that she had not gained any confidence from this experience and was still afraid of using a computer and basically gave up.

Vivienne Thomas, Outreach & Rural Services Librarian had attended a WI  meeting in the Chepstow Area to give a talk about services provided by  Monmouthshire Libraries.  Following this talk Margaret also saw the BBC First Click national advertisement and related publicity on TV.  This encouraged her to speak to a close friend resulting in them both putting their names down for the short sessions which were starting up at Chepstow Library during October of 2011.

At the beginning of the very first of the 6 sessions, Margaret was very nervous and terrified of doing something wrong or even damaging one of the library public computers.  By the end of this first session these nerves had disappeared and she had fully enjoyed the session and she came back for the five remaining weeks.

At the end of the sessions, Margaret was no longer afraid of using a computer and her confidence had increased.  She had also made some new friends and they still keep in touch regularly.  After completing the course, her husband bought Margaret a laptop as a Christmas present and she has been hooked ever since and spends a lot of her time:

  • Using Google to look up and find information on a variety of subjects.
  • Checking both daily and national news and newspapers.
  • Looking at poetry.
  • Watching on demand TV services such as BBC iPlayer.
  • Online shopping and spending her husband’s money.
  • Sending and receiving e-mails to family and friends.

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