Changes at Chepstow are On Course

After two months of planning, the Chepstow Library refurbishment project (funded by CyMAL with match funding from the Council) is taking shape.

The tender for the building works is in the final stages of completion and went out on the 5 August. Building works for the project have been confirmed as 3 October – 16 December (11 weeks). The library will close after work on Saturday 17 September ready to reopen in Chepstow Leisure Centre on Monday 26 September.  The temporary library will offer over 7,000 books, approximately a third of the stock currently available.

The new location will also offer a unique opportunity to work more closely with Chepstow Comprehensive School.  Immediate plans will see us involving pupils in the delivery of our First Click classes to those who have not used computers before.

The specification for the furniture layout for the refurbished library was sent out to suppliers with a return date of 5 August.  The self-service system will be the same as the one which has been favourably received in Monmouth Library.  A colour palette using warm, welcoming tones, has been selected for the colour scheme.

With these elements in place we are planning a library display to involve customers, a focus group to lead consultation and a working group to begin work on developing the reading garden.

This is a very exciting time for Chepstow library and the library team have excelled, managing the conflicting demands of the refurbishment and a very busy summer at the library full of activities for children.

If you would like any more information on the project, or if you would like to arrange a talk to a community group, please contact Sally Bradford ( by email.

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