Neil Ansell at Abergavenny Library

Neil Ansell at Abergavenny Library

Neil Ansell, traveller, award winning journalist, undercover investigator and film maker spoke about his first book, Deep Country at Abergavenny Library on 6th May to an audience of forty-five appreciative listeners. The book describes his experience of living on a remote hillside in Wales for five years.

He writes “ my book, Deep Country, is an account of the five years I spent in the hills, of how I lived and what I lived for, of how I learned to become self-sufficient in every sense of the word. Not just in terms of growing or gathering almost all of my supply of food, but in terms of relying entirely on my own resources. I was never bored; there was always too much to be done; chopping wood, fetching water, foraging, weeding, walking and watching. This is a book about nature and landscape, but it is also a book about what it means to live a life so remote that you may not see another soul for weeks at a time. No neighbours, no vehicles, no phone. It was possible to walk west from the cottage for 20 miles without coming to another house or a road.” 

This was the first promotional event in Wales of a work which is set to become a classic in the literature of rural Wales.  It has already promoted a great deal of discussion and reignited interest in other books about the Welsh rural experience.

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