Giggles, dribbles and burps: it must be rhyme time in Caldicot Library!

Come and fill our Library!  Caldicot Library has a wonderful selection of books for children of all ages and experienced and knowledgeable staff to help children find the right book.  Come and see for yourselves what’s on offer.

We have launched a  campaign to inspire a love of reading to all the children in the Caldicot area. We now hold fortnightly Baby Rhyme times and weekly Under Fives story times. The Library Manager, Fiona Ashley,  is a frequent visitor to the Cae Mawr baby clinic and we have secured a regular slot on each of the post natal courses.

Each school holiday we hold story times and activities for 4 – 8 year olds, this April we had an Easter story time and a session to celebrate the Royal Wedding called Princes and Princesses.  Children designed colourful wedding dresses and made beautiful crowns.

We have sent open invitations to all primary schools in the area, encouraging them to come in for class visits.  So far Castle Park Primary School has enthusiastically taken up our offer.  We will contact the schools again nearer the summer holidays and hope to visit school assemblies to inspire children to take part in Circus Stars, the national Summer Reading Challenge.

The Intergenerational Reading Group in Archbishop Rowan Williams School is thriving. There was a very enthusiastic response from both children and older people to Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce (it was so funny it made me laugh out loud).

The next step will be to target playgroups and nurseries (Bluebelles are already regular visitors) and in September we will be starting a Chatterbooks Reading Group for 8 and 9 year olds.

For more information about what Caldicot Library is doing visit

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