“That book saved my life”

This was a comment by one of the members at a Caldicot Library Reading Group meeting recently.  Visions of the book stopping a bullet as it travelled straight to the reader’s heart were soon laid to rest as he explained that reading “Carry Me Home” by Terri Wiltshire was the only thing that kept him sane during a long business trip.

There are a variety of reasons why people join reading groups.  It is a lovely way to meet new people, of trying books you wouldn’t have dreamed of selecting for yourself, and the discussion often helps readers to discover new things about not only the book but also about themselves.

All of our Reading Groups are thriving at the moment.  Most of the people who belong to the Afternoon Reading Group are retired (our eldest member is 96), with people of working age finding it easier to come to the Evening Group.  The meetings of the Intergenerational Reading Group at Archbishop Rowan Williams School are always fascinating, with the older people thoroughly enjoying the confident contributions from the Year 6 children.

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