Performance Poet opens up Kymin View’s Pupils’ imagination

Success in gaining CyMAL funding enabled us to promote the message “learning something new” with an emphasis on lifelong learning and the relevance of the library service to all age groups.

On Thursday 31st March, Mike Church visited Kymin View and showed children how to perform poems they had created in front of the whole school at their school assembly.

The children performing and the audience thoroughly enjoyed a session with Mike before the grand finale. Then they were treated to an excellent performance by the year 6 pupils, some were brave and read out their poems and some worked in groups with actions and songs to illustrate their poems.

Library and school staff recognised that the children gained confidence and the experience has encouraged them to use their imagination.

This month Monmouth Library took part in the annual Monmouth Women’s Festival.  As part of this cultural festival of literature and the arts which is centred around International Women’s Day, the Library ran four morning computer sessions which gave the participants a taster session in Getting Started, Basic Word Processing, E-Mailing and Searching the Internet.  The customers enjoyed the sessions and said that as a result they had all gained more confidence in using a computer.

Library staff also organised two sessions on Digital Photography, these always prove to be so popular with the public that they were over subscribed on the day, so more sessions will be held during Adult Learners Week in May.

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