BBC First Click

Libraries are working with the BBC in Monmouthshire to deliver ‘First Click’, a campaign aimed at older customers with little or no previous experience of using computers or the Internet. All of our libraries are running sessions and demand for these is such that we intend to run First Click throughout 2011. Customer comments from those completing the first sessions include:
Chepstow Customer – “Opened up a whole new world of opportunities for me”.
Monmouth Customer – “I do feel I have drawn benefit from it and am less nervous about tackling tasks on the computer”.
Abergavenny Customer- “My family are very impressed.  They didn’t think Great-Gran could e-mail or do online buying”
Abergavenny Customer – “It’s doubled my confidence”.
Three Gilwern customers are now determined to buy their own computers.
At Abergavenny there is now a Second Click group because our takers for our first sessions felt they needed more time in the library to consolidate what they have learned.

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